escorts in London wonder whats the best wallpaper to decorate a new home

Home is the only place that comforts us from a long and tiring day. We always hurry to go home when we feel bad, or tired. Its the place where you can find peace and be on your own. They say that your home describes who you are. And when your house is dirty and messy, people look at you the same way too. How you care your home speaks all about you, and we are entirely different in terms of choosing our house.


We always dream of having our own home even when we are kids, we wonder how big it is and the design we put into. Those dreams help us to become a hard working person, and focus on achieving our goal. We knew that home is one of the ideal gifts we can ever give to ourselves. Everyone dream of it that pushes us to save enough money to build our own home. Having a home is a satisfaction, and life greatest fulfillment. Especially for a woman who loves to decide the interior designs.


All my life I wanted to have my own house, living in a small apartment with my family sucks. We pay rent every month, and sometimes we are forced to leave the house because of delayed payment. We transferred from home to home, hoping to find a lower price. We aren’t wealthy were just a poor citizen, and it’s not easy at all. Both of my parents have not gone into college; they don’t have a stable job. Our situation in life is worst as time passes by, as the goods price increases it becomes harder for us to eat three meals a day and include to it other expenses. I always told myself that someday I could build a house for us that our sufferings stop. Our recent house was almost damage, the ceiling is broken, and it’s too small for us. It’s only we can afford though, so we don’t have any choice at all.


Whenever I go outside, I look for a massive home in our village, touching their gates and wishing to have my own soon. I don’t know how can I have it, but my gut feeling tells me to believe in it. I never lose hope of my dreams, it gives me a reason to think positive despite of our situation in life. It was an answered prayer when my aunt came over from London. She told me if I were available for a job that could help us financially and can support my education if I want. I never doubted her offer; I knew it could be good for all of us. My aunt is kind and humble to us, ever since she helps us financially when we needed. Also, we never took advantage of her kindness, we never demand her. She booked us a flight, and I spend the remaining days for my family. It was the best get together as a family; I promise to them that I will build my dream house and be back to them soon.


The day of our flight is a mixed emotion for me, nervous and saddened. I knew that it would be hard for me to adjust away from my family but this is the chance I have been waiting for. My aunt told me that she would help me to be an escort in London since it is one of the most in-demand works in London. Aside from that, the salary is quite good. I enjoy myself working as an escort in London; it helps me to save money quickly. I also enroll myself as an interior designer. I double work to achieve my dreams. After graduation, I started to build my dream house. Everything is in accordance with my choice. When the house is fully furnished, I wonder whats the best wallpaper to decorate a new home, so I look for wallpapers all over the city and finally find my chosen design. It was perfect; this is beyond of my dreams and expectations. The interior look so lovely, the wallpaper give life to my new home.